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So Julie Feingold already deleted the photo from the video shoot, but a little  scroll through her page brought this little fleck of Harry & Louis GOLD.

Wait. But guys, I was so focused on Harry fonding at Louis that I didn’t even realize that JUSTING FUCKING TIMBERLAKE is standing between them talking. Yet,  Harry is LOOKINg AT LOUIS. 

Justing FUCKING Timberlake.

But he only has eyes for Louis FUCKING Tomlinson.

He is LTaf


everyone tonight waiting for the full album to leak:



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*avoids serious personal issues by blogging about harry styles*

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Louis untying Liam’s shoes :D (with the comments of notiffanyprotested)

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Harry reached 22M followers on twitter

#twenty two million people and he doesn’t even have a header #or content that makes sense to anyone but him +

Anonymous said: that vine you posted of niall should be in the book "why niall and harry get along" chapter~~"they're both fuckin weirdos"


GOOD weirdos, look at them




look at zayn’s face when he sees harry im crying


Anonymous said: -Do you think that management did not think that Larry was real until 2011 when they forced them to stop communicating in public? -I also wonder if management used to encourage Larry until it became "real" and out of control (by people BELIEVING in them as a couple and not as just a ship) >sorry if youv already answered something similar


No that’s not what I think happened actually.

I think that Harry and Louis got together in X Factor and were extremely obvious about it. Therefore, I think that their relationship was known before they signed the contract, and the contract included terms to control their behaviour, specifically with respect to their relationship.

They were allowed to be in the glass closet at first because no one expected them to make it big. Their behaviour in general was subject to less oversight and control. They were just one of many small acts expected to make money for a few years and then fizzle (see, e.g. virtually every other X Factor finalist ever).

But they DID make it big, and it was clear that they had a shot to break in to the North American market, by far the biggest entertainment market in the world. North America is much more conservative than the UK, so the decision was made to really put their relationship under wraps so that the band’s success would not be jeopardized by the risk that the target fanbase (and their parents) in North American would figure out that they were together.

Some people have speculated that the decision that heavier closeting was necessary could have originated with the label. I think that’s possible. But the methods used were chosen by Modest, which is why the moral and ethical blame, such as it is, lays primarily on them.

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a look inside louis’ iPhone - iOS 8. :-)

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